Bridget Poznanski, B.S.

Bridget Poznanski, B.S.

Senior Associate

Professional Biography

Bridget Poznanski, B.S. is a student in the Clinical Science Ph.D. program at Florida International University. Bridget completed a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Psychology at Fordham University. Prior to FIU, Bridget was a research assistant for Joshua L. Brown, Ph.D. at Fordham University. She also worked as a behavioral counselor at New York University’s Summer Program for Kids (SPK) for children with disruptive behavior disorders. Most recently, Bridget was the program coordinator for New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Youth Anxiety Center (YAC) at the Columbia University Clinic for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CUCARD) under the mentorship of Anne Marie Albano, Ph.D.

Bridget’s research interests center around the delivery of evidence-based interventions to young children with externalizing and internalizing behavior disorders by adults in their environment (e.g. teachers, parents). More specifically, Bridget is interested in (1) the development and assessment of teacher-delivered treatment models, (2) training of teachers in order to increase their knowledge and use of evidence-based practices for early childhood behavior disorders, and (3) to disseminate evidence-based behavioral management strategies in early education classrooms.


Relevant Publications

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