Christine Cooper-Vince, M.A.

Christine Cooper-Vince, M.A.

4d. (picture)Christine is a sixth year doctoral student in  Clinical Psychology visiting from Boston University (BU), currently completing her pre-doctoral Internship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Under the mentorship of Dr. Jonathan Comer and Dr. Donna Pincus, at the Mental Health Interventions and Technology Program (MINT) at FIU and the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CARD) at Boston University, she has developed her research interests in the development, assessment, and treatment of early childhood psychopathology. More specifically, her work investigates the interaction of parenting behavior, psychophysiological functioning, and contextual factors in the development and maintenance of child psychopathology. Her work also includes the application of advance analytical methods to evaluate the psychometric properties of anxiety disorder diagnostic criteria, as well as of the shape of symptom change across treatment. For her dissertation, she is investigating psychophysiological correlates of oppositionality and non-compliance in preschool children and is currently collecting data for this project at the Florida International University Center for Children and Families. Additionally, through her clinical work in both research and non-research settings, she provides CBT to children and adolescents with anxiety disorders, as well as behavioral parent training to families of very young children with disruptive behavior and anxiety disorders.

colorful plastic toy blocksPublications

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