Jami M. Furr, Ph.D.

Jami M. Furr, Ph.D.

Senior Psychologist

Professional Biography

Dr. Furr is Senior Psychologist of the Mental Health Interventions and Technology (MINT) Program at Florida International University, where she is also Clinical Assistant Professor.  Dr. Furr has extensive clinical expertise and research interests in cognitive and behavioral treatments of childhood anxiety and disruptive behavior disorders, with a particular focus on preschool mental health. She supervises and provides weekly and intensive treatment programs for children with early anxiety and/or behavior problems, and directs specialty programs for youth with selective mutism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or other anxiety-related problems. She also is the clinical director of several active programs implementing Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for difficult-to-treat and difficult-to-reach populations of children.

Dr. Furr received her B.A. from Trinity University, and went on to receive her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a Concentration in Developmental Psychopathology from Temple University. Dr. Furr completed her clinical psychology internship training in the Child and Adolescent Track of the NYU-Bellevue Clinical Psychology Internship Program and the NYU Child Study Center, after which we completed an NIH-funded Postdoctoral Fellowship in Child Psychiatry at the NYU Child Study Center in the Institute for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity and Behavior Disorders. Prior to joining Florida International University, Dr. Furr served as Clinical Director of the Child Program of the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CARD) of Boston University.

Contact: jfurr@fiu.edu


colorful plastic toy blocksRecent and representative publications

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