Telehealth Programs

Programas de Telesalud

BETSY attractive family computerThe MINT Program offers an innovative Telehealth Program, in which comprehensive evaluations and state-of-the-art cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) are provided to families in their own homes through the use of secure videoconferencing technology.  Services in our Telehealth Program offer real-time, therapist-led treatment to families regardless of their ability to travel to an expert mental health care facility.  We find that treating families in their own homes–where child problems and symptoms naturally occur–can have particularly powerful effects on the maintenance of children’s treatment gains. Our Telehealth Program options  are particularly useful and popular among families who do not have expert mental health care options in their area. iStock_000009911402_Medium

Reduced-cost treatment is available to families who qualify for participation in one of our clinical research programs. We offer specialty telehealth programs for the treatment of childhood anxiety and for follow-up consultations for families who have participated in our Brave Bunch program. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are also creatively applying telehealth services for some children and adolescents with selective mutism. For more information on the child problems we treat, haga clic aquí.

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