We offer a range of science-based mental health services for children and adolescents presenting with interfering anxiety problems or behavior problems. Click here to learn more about the problems we treat.

Family at the construction siteServices offered include:

(1) Outpatient treatment at our clinic at the Center for Children and Families at Florida International University;

(2) Cutting-edge telehealth treatments using secure videoconferencing to deliver real-time, therapist-led treatment directly to families in their own homes*; and

(3) Intensive treatments for children in which families participate in multiple sessions a day for many days in a row.*

* Our intensive treatments and telehealth services are particularly useful and popular among families who do not have expert mental health options in their area.

iStock_000013283916_MediumAll of our clinical programs are evidence-based. Many of our services are offered as part of clinical research programs and are offered at no cost to families. If you believe your family might benefit from our services, please contact us at TheMintProgram@gmail.com, or by telephone at 305.348.7836. For more about the problems we, please click here. We can help!

To learn more about our clinical programs, please click on one of the links below:A

Programs for anxious children
Brave Bunch: Intensive group treatment program for children with selective mutism
Telehealth programs: Treatment using secure videoconferencing over the Internet to deliver real-time, therapist-led care to families in their own homes

Contact us at 305-348-7836, or at TheMintProgram@gmail.com.  We can help!