Anya Urcuyo, M.S.

Anya Urcuyo, M.S.

Senior Associate

Professional Biography

Anya Elena Urcuyo is a doctoral student in the Clinical Science Ph.D. program and a member of the Mental health Interventions and Novel Therapeutics (MINT) Lab at Florida International University. Anya graduated with her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University where she created her own major entitled “Making Healthy Children: Social Dimensions of Child Development”, with a minor in Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Studies. Upon graduation, Anya worked at Weill Cornell Medicine’s Center for Autism and the Developing Brain. Prior to joining MINT, she worked as a Research Coordinator at the Center for Early Childhood Health and Development (CEHD) at NYU Langone Medical Center. Among other projects, she coordinated a study that assessed the impact of the current immigration climate on PreK-3rd grade Latine children and their families.

Anya’s research interests include addressing systemic accessibility barriers to mental health services for Spanish-speaking Latine families and, more broadly, for historically marginalized communities. She is most interested in examining how acute anxiety, stress, and trauma intersect with immigration experiences in the U.S. She aims to center culture, race, and language, in conjunction with community feedback in developing relevant evidence-based treatment modalities.



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Posters & Presentations

Menses, A., Aghedo, I., Urcuyo, A.E., Comer, J.S. (2024). Racial Differences in Selective Mutism Severity Ratings Prior to and During COVID-19. Poster presented at Florida International University Annual STEM Undergraduate Research Symposium Conference, Miami, Fl.

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Urcuyo, A.E., Conroy, K., Comer, J.S. (2023, October) Teacher’s perceptions of youth’s immigration related stress and separation anxiety. Poster presented at the National Latinx Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL.

Urcuyo, A.E., Comer, J.S., Chavira, D., Cano, M.A. (2023, August). Self-efficacy moderates the impact of ACEs on anxiety in Latine emerging adults. Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Washington, D.C.

Mohammad, R., Roig, J., Urcuyo, A.E., Comer, J.S. (2023, April). Reported Differences in Childhood Anxiety Through Race and Ethnicity. Poster presented at the Florida International University Undergraduate Research Conference 2023, Miami, FL.

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