Sabrina Kehrer, Undergraduate

Sabrina Kehrer, Undergraduate

Student Assistant/ DBT-A Program Coordinator

Professional Biography

Sabrina Kehrer is the current Clinical Assistant for the Mental Health Interventions and Technology’s (MINT) Program and Program Coordinator for the DBT-A Program at MINT at Florida International University (FIU). Prior to this position, she worked as a research assistant at MINT. Sabrina is currently working towards finishing her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution. Sabrina aims to continue her education in psychology once graduating with her bachelor’s degree. Sabrina hopes to enter a masters program in professional counseling with a mental health track. Her main research interests include (1) how couples therapy can pose as preventative treatment for future issues in their children’s psychopathology, and (2) the effects pornography use has on romantic relationships.