Jennifer Cortina, MSHI

Jennifer Cortina, MSHI

Program Coordinator, Network for Enhancing Wellness in Disaster-Affected Youth (NEW DAY) and Program Coordinator, FTX Family Telehealth Initiative

Professional Biography

Jennifer Cortina is the current Program Coordinator for Network for Enhancing Wellness in Disaster-Affected Youth (NEW DAY), a SAMSHA funded disasters mental health training project and FTX Family Telehealth Initiative, a donor funded telehealth project, both programs within the Mental Health Interventions and Technology (MINT) Program at Florida International University (FIU). Prior to her position with MINT, she was the Intake Department Coordinator for the Clinic with the Center for Children and Families at FIU under the mentorship of Isabel Rodríguez Duncan (LCSW, Ed.S.).  

In 2014, Jennifer completed her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Spanish & Psychology and obtained a certificate in Speech-Language Pathology in 2015, all at Florida International University (FIU). In 2019, she graduated from the University of Miami (UM) with a 3.95 GPA and received a Master of Science degree in Health Informatics (MSHI). In 2021, she completed a Full Stack Development Bootcamp with Tech Talent South (TTS).

Jennifer is passionate about generating culturally competent, evidence-based, holistic, and integrative mental-health care as well as learning new technologies.