Research Assistants

Research Assistants

MINT Clinic Research Assistants

Alanis Ponce De Leon

Alanis Ponce De Leon is an undergraduate student at Florida International University (FIU) completing a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She strives to become a social psychologist and is working towards her goal of being accepted to a Graduate Program to do so. Through MINT, she plan to gain research experience that will prepare her for her career.

Emma Berzofsky

Emma Berzofsky is finishing up her Junior year as a Psychology major at Florida International University (FIU). Her research interests include childhood anxiety and depression, addiction, and Neuropsychology. Her career goals include going to graduate school and pursuing a PsyD in Clinical Psychology.

Valentina Luque

Valentina Luque is currently a senior at Florida International University majoring in Psychology. She is from Santiago, Chile. She is in the path to accomplish her career dream of being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for children and adolescents.

Fani Nogueira 

Fani Nogueira is majoring in Psychology. She is currently a paralegal at a family law firm however, she aspires to be a Doctor of Psychology in the future. Her focus will be specifically on children and families, anxiety disorders, social disorders, and panic disorders. Her ultimate goal is to open her own practice and help as many adults and children as possible. 

Jessica Roig

Jessica Roig is a rising senior at Florida International University studying Psychology. She plans to attend graduate school and her goal is to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, focusing on Children and Adolescents.

Melanie Cobo

Melanie Cobo is majoring in Psychology and Women’s & Genders Studies. She would like to pursue Clinical Psychology in her future, preferably Counseling with Teens. 

David Suarez

David Suarez is an undergraduate student at Florida International University majoring in Psychology. His goal is to become a Clinical Psychologist and use therapy to help people overcome their life issues.”

Natalie Villagomez

Natalie Villagomez is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Florida International University (FIU). She hopes to earn a Psy.D or Ph.D. in clinical psychology so that she may provide a safe space, as a psychologist, for those who are struggling with their mental health and promote positive changes for the mental health community. At MINT, she plans to make valuable connections and build the skills/ knowledge imperative for grad school and her future career.

Raania Mohammad

Raania Mohammad is a rising senior undergraduate majoring in Psychology at the FIU Honors College. After completing her B.A. she plans on pursuing higher education in Clinical Psychology, preferably working with children and adolescents.

Patrick Fernandez

Patrick Fernandez is currently on his way to finishing his Bachelor’s Degree, and is a Psych major at FIU. Along the way, his plan is on doing his best in helping people when they are in need and just seeing people succeed. As he does these things altogether, he hope to continue his way in academia with the goal of getting into grad school with the focus on a Ph.D in Psychology.

Sabrina Jimenez

Sabrina Jimenez enjoys reading and learning new things. She is aspiring to be a Mental Health Counselor who hopes to specialize in children and adolescents.

Kids Face Fears Research Assistants

Nazla Lara

Nazla Lara received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from FIU in May 2021. She is a Senior Research Assistant with the MINT lab for the Kids FACE FEARS project where she began volunteering in Fall 2020. Nazla’s research interests focus on how depression and anxiety present itself in children and teenagers based on isolation habits. She is also interested in examining how internet addiction from a young age can affect cognitive awareness and social skills later in life.

Jaynah Geneus

Jaynah Geneus is pursuing her undergraduate degree in psychology. After this she plans on enrolling into a Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology. She would like to practice as a Christian Psychologist and one of her long-term goals is to provide Mental Health services to prisoners.

FTX and NEWDAY Research Assistants

Ohad Fedida 

Ohad Fedida attended the Talmudic University of South Florida, and received his B.A in Psychology from Florida International University. Ohad is aiming for a Clinical Psychology PhD and is currently working at the Center for Children and Families as a Research and Clinical Assistant.

Paula Robatti

Paula Robatti is a rising senior in Communications with a minor in Psychology. Her research interest involves mood disorders, anxiety and PTSD. She is planning on attending FIU Masters Program in Counseling Psychology. She hopes to become a Clinical Psychologist.

Kaisy Suarez

Kaisy Suarez is currently a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Communications. After her undergraduate studies are complete, she plans on attending graduate school for Clinical Psychology. Through clinical psychology, she hopes to improve the lives of those that struggle with mental health disorders.