Programs for Selective  Mutism

Programs for Selective Mutism

The MINT Program provides comprehensive evaluations and state-of-the-art treatment for young children between the ages of 3 and 10 who have been diagnosed with selective mutism, or who have general difficulty speaking in social or school situations with familiar and/or unfamiliar peers and adults.

What is Brave Bunch?  Brave Bunch is a specialty intensive group treatment program for selective mutism, in which children participate in day-long group sessions for one full week (as well as a few lead-in sessions prior to the start of camp). We also offer intensive outreach sessions for out-of-town families who have participated in the Brave Bunch camp to help children make continued gains in their own home, school, and community environments. These outreach sessions can be conducted via videoconferencing or via a therapist from our team coming out to your community

How is treatment delivered?  The FIU Brave Bunch Intensive Group Treatment Program for selective mutism simulates a classroom, which provides guided opportunities for children to interact with a number of new children and adults, participate in classroom-like activities (e.g., morning meeting, circle time, show and tell, group creative projects), engage in field trips (e.g., to the mall), and play socializing games that promote verbal participation (‘brave talking’) and spontaneous speaking. Parents are also taught skills to help facilitate brave talking outside of the treatment setting.

For more information on the Brave Bunch or any of our other selective mutism services, please, click here. [Free treatment or reduced cost treatment may be available to families who qualify for participation in one of our clinical research programs.