About us

The Mental health Interventions and Technology (MINT) Program is an interdisciplinary clinical research program devoted to expanding the quality, scope, and accessibility of mental health care for kids by: (a) improving the field’s understanding of mental health problems affecting children, and (b) developing and testing innovative methods to reduce systematic barriers to care and broadly deliver effective treatments.

Under the direction of Dr. Jonathan S. Comer, our clinical and research programs primarily address two of the most common classes of mental health and behavioral problems affecting kids:

We conduct examinations of the etiology, phenomenology, and maintenance of these problems. Most of these examinations consider children in the context of their families, with particular emphasis on parent-child interactions.

Our clinical programs apply innovative technologies to deliver research-supported mental health treatments to children and overcome traditional geographic barriers to evidence-based care. We offer specialty programs for young children between the ages of 3-9, and many of our programs are offered free of cost to eligible families and are supported by grants from the National Institute of Health and private foundation funding.

If you believe your child suffers from either a debilitating anxiety problem characterized by fears and/or worry, please call us at 305-348-7836 or email us at TheMINTProgram@gmail.com. We can help!